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How to set up Thunderbird

Setup Thunderbird with Hosting - This tutorial will teach you how to setup your Hosting email account with Thunderbird. How to configure Hosting in Thunderbird.

Microsoft Outlook is a part of Microsoft Office, if you don't have it then you should install it or use free alternatives like Mozilla Thunderbird.


These email settings are also available for other devices like PC, Mac, Iphone, etc. Just choose your option in our menu.


How to configure Hosting in Thunderbird

Install Mozilla Thunderbird

We recomend you using the best version of all: Thunderbird 3.1 portable version that you can download here.

Instal it in pen drive. That way you can take Thunderbird with you and acess your emails in any computer.


Open Thunderbird

If this is the first time you open Thunderbird since its install, a window will immediately pop up asking you to setup your email account. If this is not the first time you open Thunderbird, no setup window will pop up.
To setup a new email account just click on File, New and select Mail Account, like in the folowing picture:

A new window will open for your Mail Account Setup.


These are the most common settings BUT you should ONLY use the ones provided by your Hosting service.

Incoming server (POP3): mail.yourwebsite.com | port 110 | No encrypted connection
But in it can also be mail.anotherserver.com | port 995 | encrypted connection: SSL

Outgoing server (SMTP): mail.yourwebsite.com | port 587 | No encrypted connection
But in it can also be mail.anotherserver.com | port 465 | encrypted connection: SSL
Requires authentication with your username (your email) and password (provided by your hosting provider)

Never leave copies of messages in the server otherwise your server account will keep pilling up emails until its full, resulting in errors and preventing you from sending and recieving emails (and deleting them from your Outlook's inbox will make no difference)


Imagine this is you:

Your name: Peter Smith

Your company: TechSmith

You website: www.techsmith.com

Your email: info@techsmith.com


Insert your data as the following picture:

Click on Continue and Thunderbird will try to setup your account automatically

MAKE SHURE your data is displayed like in the following picture:

Before you finish click on Edit and Re-test Configuration

Click Next and you're donne.

If you get the error "Login to server mail.server.com failed." do this:
Go to Tools - Account Settings - Outgoing Server (SMTP) select your email » Edit
and make sure your User Name is your COMPLETE email!
Set up your email on other devices: